Mozzarella cheese

The fresh cheese made of spun paste more typical of southern Italian dairy tradition. High-quality mozzarella, sweet and delicate, only selected Italian dairy proposed by Zappalà in a wide range of formats to meet the various needs of consumers and buyers.

Mozzarella Kitchen

With the same quality of normal cheese, but dried for not relasing the liquid during cooking. Consistent and fresh milk flavor, ideal in the kitchen is hot and cold. Available in a loaf, but also ready for use already "cubettata" into small dice or cut into julienne.

Traditional Ricotta

Manufacting experience is combined with the authenticity of products with a centuries-old tradition.
Zappalà enhances this typical, offering a range of unique and unmistakable taste of the traditional ricotta. Specialty greatly appreciated.

Fresh ricotta

Lightweight and rich in nutrient. Zappalà ricotta that is special because "collection to separate the cream" according to the traditional method.
From cow, sheep and mixed use, available in sizes self-service, take away or in large sizes for assisted sales.

Traditional "spun paste" cheese

Provole, scamorze and braids. Zappalà offers the best of cheese making tradition southem Italian. White, soft and delicate, or "the natural aromatic wood smoke, with a stronger flavor. Suitable to be eaten on its own or to enrich foods.

Spun Paste Sikanino line

The soft cheese made of spun paste with a delicate flavor of milk.
Produced only with whole cow's milk, the sweet taste and pleasant like especially to children, but it is appreciated by the entire family.Its versatility is unmatched in the kitchen. The protective wax guarantees the duration.

Canestrato Cheese

Pecorino and caciotte: cooked cheeses from distant sources, once placed in rattan baskets in the first place where part of maturing. Zappalà takes on Italian tables the best of this excellent cheese of southem Italy.

Sliced and portioned

Quality and tradition meet the changing marketplace. Experience dairy Zappalà merges with the technology to preserve taste and content of craftsmanship typical of dairy products, now available in convenient ready to use slices or portions with fixed weight for easy self-service management.

Sweet Cheese

Specialty of ricotta cheese flavored with lemon, pistachio and chocolate. A typical food consumption-oriented to a young and modern. With a little fantasy fit well in the preparation of tasty appetizers. A wave of color on the table, for moments of conviviality and good mood.


Did it again as before, with cream cow's milk to your day. The milk flavor and delicate, uniform appearance. One of the best quality butter, so good than can be eaten alone.


An advanced IQF (individually quick frozen) system to immediate freezing, it allows food to maintain their structure, organoleptic and nutritional properties for a long time.