Shapes and flavors
of our tradition

Our history started in Sicily, on the slopes of Mount Etna.
In Italy and the world, Zappalà intends to represent
the typical aspects and quality of Sicilian food products.

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Production plants and the figures

A Zafferana Etnea lo stabilimento è adibito alla produzione di caseari freschi; quello di Ragusa alla produzione di formaggi tipici a pasta filata e canestrati; a Butera (CL) si concentrano le attività di servizio collegate alla produzione (affettatura, porzionatura etc...).

The production is based on compliance with ethical standards and environmental protection.

Each plant is characterized by modern automation systems, which ensure high hygiene and sanitary levels through monitoring in real time.

Reference Markets

Zappalà sells its products through the main national and international distribution networks (Auchan, Bennet, Carrefour, Esselunga, Conad, Selex, Interdis, Despar, Pam) or among more than 15 countries in the World, for example Japan, United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, United States, France etc..
The distribution is organized in Sicily and Calabria and reaches the logistics platforms in the Italian territory.

Logistics and regional organization

A fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensures daily deliveries in supermarkets in Sicily and Calabria and reaches the logistics platforms in the Italian territory.

In Sicily:

  • Direct warehouse: Zafferana, Palermo, Trapani, Caltanissetta.
  • Logistic platform for delivery to high-vending points of sale and supermarkets.

Other platforms and warehouses

Genova; Torino; Milan; Monza; Verona; Treviso; Bologna; Viareggio; Chiusi; Florence; Rome; Frosinone; Assisi; Pescara: Termoli; Naples; Bari; Lamezia; Reggio Calabria.

Facilities and technical equipment

  • Load platform robot-controlled in Zafferana Etnea.
  • Vehicles for attempted sale in Sicily and Calabria.

Certified Quality

Quality cannot exist where there is no food safety: this is the principle represent the code of behavior shared by Zappalà's operators and collaborators.

Social Responsibility

We sponsored medical-scientific initiatives to disseminate medical research results and informations on the prevention of cardiovascular and cancer disease.

In the private labels, reliable partner

Zappalà also produces private label products manufactured for major signs distribution.