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Tips for a healthy life

Health begins at the dinner table

The Italian traditional foods, better known as "Mediterranean diet", are among the most healthy and complete ones.
A balanced consumption of natural products associated with a not sedentary lifestyle allows you to maintain health and to reduce the risk of numerous diseases.
Here for you advice and expert tips to stay in shape with taste.

Milk and its components

It's an aliment among the most important and complete because it includes all the necessary nutrients to the growth, milk is positioned in a place of undisputed pre-eminence in our diet. It's essential for baby, it is a food that can not miss in the diet of all children.

The presence of numerous and essential nutrients in the right balance among each other makes it a rich and valuable aliment. Carbohydrates (mainly lactose, a sugar is quickly absorbed), lipids, proditi (proteins like meat, eggs or fish), minerals (calcium and phosphorus) and vitamins.

In a glass there is all this, and here the milk - and the products derived from it - is one of the five food groups that should always be eaten in the daily diet.

Lattofermento: high digestibility goodness

The lattofermento mozzarellas, thanks to special fermentation method, are even more digestible and they acquire a softer taste and fuller than the traditional ones.

Milk is a first aliment in our life.

For months milk is the only one, after it continue to have a precious and irreplaceable value. It's a complete aliment about nutritional and biological aspects.

Osteoporosis: prevent is better than cure

The Osteoporosis affects about 5 million of Italian. It's a typical female disease and it affects about 33% of women between 60 and 70 years old, the 66% of over 80 year old. Only in Italy it affects the 25% of women over 40 years old and the 17% of men over 60 years old.